'Bartnik' LLC is located in the ancient city Izyaslav, that is in picturesque Volyn-Podilsk Upland.

Company's history began with the establishment of private enterprise 'Bartnik' in 1996. The family-owned company, consisting of 4 persons Pankovsky, was established for the purprose of buckwheat honey harvesting and export for one of the packaging institutions of the Republic of Poland.

The determining factor of the family’s firm have always been quality and integrity in dealing with suppliers of raw materials/ Following these principles over the years has made it possible to gain authority and respect in all regions of Ukrainian beekeepers, to open up markets in the USA and Canada, the Middle East and the EU.

In 1999 in order to attract foreign instruments and package the bee products of high quality, the ‘Bartnik’ private entrepreneur was reorganized into a joint Ukrainian -Polish venture – the ‘Bartnik’ LLC.

The company was virtually at the source of beekeeping export renovation in Ukraine after Soviet Union disintegration/ Following the principle “quality above all” great volume of works was conducted to popularize Ukrainian bee products in the world market and increase the export of the later. The ‘Bartnik’ LLC today is of the leading exporters of bee products and bee queens of Ukraine. The Company employs about 70 workers. Certified laboratories of the ‘Bartnik’ LLC are equipped with the most modern quality control equipment of the USA and China, Germany and the UK. More than 10 countries worldwide are supplied with the company’s products. The logo of the ‘ ‘Bartnik’ honey is presented at stores in the USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and other countries. The company’s high-tech manufacturing activity is certified by the certificate of conformity, certificates ‘Living Planet’ and the ‘ORGANIC’. The Company has implemented a system of food safety in accordance with the Ukrainian standards and ISO 22000:2007. The Company is under supervision of veterinary and public health service . The described above factors make it possible for the end-user to get highly useful, safe and delicious honey, being confident in its highest quality.

The ‘Bartnik’ LLC gives information and consultation service in the beekeeping field, and it is aimed at developing beekeeping in Ukraine. The department of production of modern polystyrene hives was created for this purpose, that are in demand among the first-time beekeepers and real experts in the beekeeping sphere.

Thanks to the work experience of the ‘Bartnik’ LLC such monofloral honey as linden, acacia, buckwheat, sunflower, phacelia (scorpionweed), sainfoins and others have become available in distribution networks of Ukraine for true honey experts. Exclusive products of ‘Bartnik’ LLC are a mixture of honey apiproducts: “Natural honey with pollen”, “Natural honey with beebread”, “Natural honey with propolis”, “Natural honey with royal jelly”. Honey and bee products, created by the Nature and “God’s insects” contain over 300 different nutrients: carbohydrates, organic acids and their salts, vitamins, over 30 microelements, that can be used as valuable medical product that has a wide range of therapeutic effects.

The main principles of the company are supporting local producers, promoting Ukrainian bee products in the domestic and global markets, guaranteeing the high quality of the products.